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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Beethoven's Piano Piece in B Minor At Long Last

This is just me fooling around again trying to upload my own video in case I'm about to cause some confusion. It may just turn out to be now you see me, now you don't.


  1. I did it. I managed to get this video posted and let the world know how I do torment Beethoven so with my playing. My success came from lightening up the graphic load in this computer by a lot of GBs and emptying the trash bin. Improved my base score by a lot. Good housekeeping pays off.

  2. Oh Linda, wow. I am so impressed!!

  3. Dear Linda,
    Congratulations!! I really enjoyed YOUR playing that is so lovely and shows your personality.
    Once, I would listened to Beethoven. Today, I do not. But your playing makes me feel like listening to him again. Thank you.
    If you do not mind, could you please play something major next time? I really look forward to it. Thank you. I'll await it without a due date.
    Kind regards, Sadami