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Friday, October 22, 2010

Pastries and The Four Seasons

What better time to paint spring than in the fall and get my mind off winter.

When I got back to Chocolate Mice, I faced the fact that the drawing needed corrections. I had been avoiding that issue all week while I worked on boots. With that drawing done, it was time to face up to the flaws. (I could have left the painting as it was. No one would have been the wiser-- but me. The drawing just was't quite right).

Usually I make drawing corrections while I'm painting, but this subject doesn't allow for correct-as-you-go. The forms are precise. So instead of mixing butterscotch and getting on with Mice, I masked off the two areas that needed adjustment. Sealed the areas with medium to prevent seepage, then whited them out.

While waiting for things to dry, I pulled out photographs I took of the woods over spring and summer. Selected the one you see here--Early Spring. I decided the twenty by twenty painting will be one of four but hung together as one. I like working in increments. I like the woods. I love the Four Seasons,(in the woods as well as the hotel). the subject is carefree. A nice balance from pastries.

So my painting plans are made--painting pastries and the four seasons. Two entirely different subjects, two different artistic responses. One tight, the other loose. Nothing boring going on. Diversity is how I like it. Diversity, I suspect, just might be my "artistic voice," the elusive thing so many blogging artists are looking for.

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  1. Dear Linda,
    Wow, I'm excited with your painting plan. I've always felt your photos(right side, "Around My Yard")would be wonderful paintings. Please keep up and show us ongoing. I really look forward to it. (Hope my computer will survive!!)
    Cheers, Sadami