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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Let The Snow Fall

Let the snow fall. I'm ready. My boots are in the back hall closet waiting for whatever. My still life has been dismantled. My pencils stored. Merlita can wipe away
all traces of my art from the bar. My attention has returned to the studio and the color of butterscotch--some Cadmium Yellow Medium, some Yellow Ochre, a dash of Dioxinine Purple to gray it down and perhaps some Titanium White? Chocolate caramel cupcakes here I come.

Snow Boots was a long, tedious draw. It came out fairly well. I liked, but didn't like the paper I chose--90 lb. water color.It wasn't good enough for watercolor, I thought it might work for colored pencil. And it did. While colored pencil is very difficult to erase on Stratmore drawing paper, erasing was a breeze on this stuff. But at first I didn't like the way the colored pencil went down--rough. Then I realized the subject was rough so it all worked out.

In spite of having to take frequent breaks, the boots held my interest. I liked the laces-the way they overlapped one another and then fell this way and that. Subjects like this--shoe laces, tree branches, grasses, ribbons, linear things are attractive in the way the forms intertwine turning negative space into positive. Then, I do love shoes. Perhaps I'll have another run at my water aerobics? There's another pair I hope never to put on again.


  1. Dear Linda,
    Beautiful work! What a coincidence, I made a very similar work for boots with a conte and watercolor(10yrs ago?). Like you, I feel like playing with shoes. When I got into your another website, many shoes etc:). Enjoy drawing!
    Cheers, Sadami

  2. I love those boots...They look worn and comfy...

  3. Dear Sadami, I know your boot picture wasn't anywhere near as heavy handed as mine. You have such a light and lovely touch, which I have finally learned is not my style. My only consolation is that the boots are heavy duty, so maybe heavy handed was the right approach?

    Dear Chrissy, Those boots look worn, but are not--nor are they comfy. I think I've worn them three times--maybe four? When our weather calls for those boots, I stay home and make soup.

  4. Dear Linda,
    I made the boots nearly 20ys ago. If you do not mind, come and have a look. Under a heaven, there's a season. At the moment, I was exploring my own style. I assume many styles are in me. (In the evening...I wonder if my computer works...gulp.)
    Cheers, Sadami