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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

First Fall Drawing

Fall is creeping into the woods, but there's still a lot of green around. I have many more photos to take to find my next landscape painting. But not much time. The deer have eaten my hibiscus, now the coleus and the hostas; they're fattening up early this year.

Can that mean a short Fall into Winter? I think so. Time to buy those furry all weather boots, parka and snow shoes. This gal who likes to hibernate upon sight of the first snowflake, will be trekking around photographing that dreadful season worrying about snow glare on the lens. I thought that 'Summer' was my first landscape on a large canvas. I forgot I had sold Winter Lake. Since I have a seasonal landscape series in mind, I'll be painting winter again.

I guess landscapes will be me off and on over the next months. And I do want them relatively realistic--but not. Aye, therein lies my dithering back and forth over style. "Loosely recognizable" a description that involves choosing to which degree loosly,to which degree recognizable?

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