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Monday, August 2, 2010

Radishes, The Size of Plums

This water colour study was done very quickly, (half hour, no time to dry, no masking), while I made a hardboiled egg and the shrimp for our diet dinner after the weekend of over indulging. I bought them today. They're the size of plums. I don't care for plums very much, but I adore radishes more than chocolate. I think they're gorgeous. And every time I buy them, I have to sketch them before eating.

Yesterday was wild-household-chore day. A lot of running around and no real studio time. Made me think that's how it always was in a life committed to family. Fractured attention to multiple people and involvements. Great training for multitasking; lousy for tending to personal interests. Back in the studio now with little chance of "we'll get together soon" interrupting,(Cat's in The Cradle), grocery shopping and other such mundane errands are the current obstacles. But at least they can all be crammed into a day.


Britney was framed. Off she'll go later today to hang with her brother and sister. I do hope her mom is satisfied. I've drawn all the grandchildren I have in their house.

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