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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

My Pumas

Well the bear lady finished her hundred bears today. That's quite a feat. We had an assignment like that in a design course. I chose to do my purse, since I always had it with me. By the time the semester was over and the drawings were due, I had had it. If I had to look at that purse in one more different way, I would have considered stepping in front of a bus. The assignment served its purpose. It stretched my imagination.

When I started this blog, I thought I'd do the same thing, but after just a few drawings, I knew I did enough purses in this lifetime.

Now, shoes are a different story. Shoes I could go on about indefinitely. I gave them up for a bit--didn't want to bore you to death, but now they're back on my mind.

I just had to draw my 2010 Pumas. I've had them on my feet everyday since early April and they're starting to look it. They've been dragged around Puerto Vallarta. They've been through the hoops for weeks at physical therapy. They've been biking and boating. They've been in the studio painting, the garden weeding, the kitchen cooking. They've been to the joint on the corner for sushi and the five star restaurant on the river for their best beet salad. I just love my white with black Pumas. They cushioned my world and saved my knee. I had to pay tribute to them. --And I have to get to Nordstroms for another pair. It makes me sad to think of a day Pumaless.

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