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Sunday, July 11, 2010

A weekend of Planning


Experimentation is going on.

I cut a number of units scaled to the size of the canvases I used for Out of the Closet. And I've been playing around with different arrangements. The one pictured is just one arrangement of many I've considered.It is not thee arrangement. I think it's boring. (Sorry it's not on line, but it wasn't good enough to paste actually place and paste down).

Then Honey has been saying all along that maybe I should have hung the closet units touching one another. So I thought I'd take a look at what that would look like and here you see three of the units strung together both horizontally and vertically.
It's definitely not a vertical installation. Hung horizontally it would work on a wall fourteen feet wide with nine inches of breathing space on either side.

I've also picked up some supplies for my next primitive portrait--until I get the hang of how I want to paint portraits using acrylics, I'm a primitive portrait painter finding my way. And now need to pull out of file all the drawings for Mother and Daughter. So more busy work today figuring scales, placement and palette possibilities.

For the next three by three canvas. I'm going to use one of the photos I took of my back yard last spring:

Mother and Daughter and Spring Lake are next on my agenda, a nice break from Closet.

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