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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Spring Woods

I chose a couple of photographs that will make interesting paintings. This is one of them and my preliminary sketch done with water soluble marker and pastel. The sketch is 12 by 12. The painting will be 36 by 36 on stretched canvas, acrylic. There will be some splattering going on.

I'm partial to this one, because 1) the aqua dots and dabs at the bottom of the drawing is the patch of wild flowers that catches my attention first every spring;the bright yellow flowers bloom before any leaves open. In the photo they're not blooming as yet. All there is is the promise of things to come. I'd take a walk in the woods to see just what they are, but I'm not crazy about walking where the wild life walks; my boots aren't high enough. 2) I like the splattering of yellow throughout. Before I jump in though, I'll sketch the other photo as well. I have more than one 36 by 36 canvases in stock and Honey likes the second photo best.

OUT OF THE CLOSET and at rest.

Blue turned out to be the connective. Odd, I only have one blue shirt in my closet. Subject matter for painting can come from anywhere and the fun of painting is I can do whatever I want with the subject. "Pushing the color" is my favorite thing to do. With Out of the Closet, I pushed color and also form. I took the subject for what it was and changed it as I wanted it to be. Hanging for now at the entrance to my bar in the lower level,(what we in Michigan call a sub ground level floor that has full windows and you can exit into the sunshine), it's at rest. I'd like to hang it elsewhere, but this painting is best seen when walking straight at it from a distance. The entrance to my bar is situated in such a way.

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