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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Blog Job

Drawing-of-the-Day is an unrealistic art blog. Doing a drawing a day and then writing something about it is a job. And actually, a drawing done in a day is really a sketch--an incomplete drawing, a drawing done quickly. I may have made a mistake with this?

I decided that yesterday when life got in the way of doing a drawing for today. Between my orthopedic appointment (I have an inflamed rotator cuff and have to go back for those horrible massages at PT), the laundry, the phone, poaching chicken for the freezer and finding a better photograph of my bonus granddaughter than the one her mother sent me for a portrait she would like done for her birthday, (another story), this lonely line is all I did.

Honey told me I had overloaded myself when I first started the blog--and I knew he was right. For if the blog worked and got me back to painting as I knew it would, (takes just ninety days to make something a habit. Okay,I'm hooked), I do not paint a painting a day, never have--especially in the big sizes I favor.

So: I either have to change my sizes and do nothing larger than nine by twelve, (five by seven is ridiculous), or I have to change the name of the blog, which means,I think, starting a whole new one and exporting?

I'm in a quandary. I like the journaling--but it's not like I have a lot of followers who will be disappointed."My words but a whisper, your silence a shout," comes to mind....I was hoping for more feed back.

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