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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Three in Hand, Two in the Mail

This Pentatych project is so exciting, I've put Summer Woods off, (it's not summer yet after all), and have totally forgotten about Coleus. The top photo is the first panel I painted. The drawings below are preliminary, scaled color studies, the next paintings in line. Pictured together here, I am absolutely positive that the five panels installed in a stacked formation floor to ceiling will be a knock out.

Multiple unit painting isn't as simple as one might think. Once all the units are initially completed, they are assembled and joined together by playing up the common elements. The obvious common elements of any "tych" are the identical size of the units, and, in this particular tych, the vertical orientation of the colors.

Then there are the colors that the units share in common: black, red, white, magenta. These are the ones that I can see at this stage that will need manipulation in the final stage to catch the viewer's eye, lead it through the whole composition and join the units into one cohesive whole, where no one panel can be removed without destroying the impact.

At one point, and Honey is really going to love this, I'm going to want to hang the panels on the wall,(I've already been casually looking around to see which wall that will be). I'll need to study from a distance the cohesiveness of the composition and work with the order--but I'll worry about that later. For now, painting panels two and three and ordering the last two panels are on my agenda--as is my appointment in an hour, with a new orthopedic guy...I'm hoping he'll say, "Get out of here! What are you talking about? Your knee looks terrific."--I'm living in a fantasy world.

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