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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

A New Painting, An Old Problem

On a deep burgundy background. I blocked the forms in and defined them with a bit of color,and then stopped. The new orthopedic guy I saw in the AM pummeled my knees mercilessly, put me through some twisted moves and whacked me out worse than I thought After just an hour standing on the cement floor of my studio, I had to quit and go ice. And ice. And ice again. My knee was back to how it was in Puerto Vallarta.

In spite of the fact that he cut my painting day short, I think I like this guy. He's as conservative as the first guy I saw, but wants to try some simpler things to relieve my discomfort before doing any kind of replacement--the first being physical therapy. If that doesn't work, a cortisone shot. If that doesn't work, arthroscopic surgery. If that doesn't work, then replacement. While this new doc might be a very good business man, I liked his thinking. Baby steps.

I've never been to physical therapy before. I'm excited. The place looked like a gym and made me feel at home. I'd love to get back to exercise, but the way my knee and entire left leg feel today, I'm wondering if today is the day to do that? I gave them a call. "The initial evaluation should be painless," Kathy assured me. I'm forging ahead.

(I really hope she didn't lie. We got off to such a great start).

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