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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A Sketch Grows

I did a small quick sketch late morning yesterday. I had an hour before I had to be at physical therapy.

After therapy, I developed the sketch a bit more as I iced my knee. The therapist had pumped up the exercises. I think it was the slant-board squats that made laying in the deep navy and aqua in panel three standing on the studio's cement floor out of the question. I don't like squats.

After I recouped enough to plod down to the studio to fix the drawing, I developed it a bit more.I didn't want to use fixative before I was sure I was finished smearing and defining--I wasn't sure I wanted to use fixative at all. Fixative, the spray that freezes mediums like graphite, pastels and charcoal on paper darken the values if you get too close with the spray. If you're not close enough, it doesn't fix them enough. These kind of drawings aren't really safe till framed and under glass--or at least protected with a flap-mat and a sheet of acetate.

This detail photo would be good place to start a larger painting.

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