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Monday, May 24, 2010

Painting the Grass

Is not as much fun as smoking it, I'd wager.

Day three, AM: Listening to The View, I painted this much on the bone dry pink field and went to lunch.

I'm primarily using a stipple brush and fan brush. I may have gone dark too soon, but no one's going to dicker about the painting not being exactly like the photograph, which isn't exactly like the patch of grass I photographed. Photographs are just a starting point.

PM: After lunch and my sudoku puzzle, I went as far as I thought necessary to say "Grass" and left it at that: Grass. The subject matter was good for watercolor and would make an excellent Acrylic painting--large canvas. Pallet knife. Lots of paint extender. Lots of Seurat neo-impressionistic dots with my dabs and smears. --I heard that Seurat went mad. I always suspected it was all those dots that pushed him over the edge, but maybe not. Dabs and spots of color is the essence of painting.

Finished in time for Dr. Oz, who I am getting a little tired of so I surfed instead.

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