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Monday, May 24, 2010

Field Painting a Field

Recap: KISS. Choose a subject with a minimum of details like the sky. I chose grass, (it offered more control).

I found a patch in my photo files, zoomed in, cropped down, blew up and cropped down again. Then I adjusted color, exposure, vividness and sharpness. I may have gone through this procedure twice? When I liked what had, I printed it. You saw the doctored photo yesterday. Here it is again.

Translating it into paint begins like this:

But not before I photographed my progress. (My shadow adds interest don't you think)?

I could have made life easier for myself by using a watercolor block;I own two. But IF I do get into the medium seriously, the really fine watercolor papers do not come in blocks, just single sheets--that need to be taped down. With that in mind and assuming eventual success, I'm proceeding in the traditional manner. The stubborn
glutton that I am.

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