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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Till the Twenty Seventh

The next drawing I do, It will be about nine thirty Sunday morning, (hours later than when this Cancun sunrise photo was taken). I'll be in my bathing suit, under a palapa, listening to Pavarotti with my second cup of coffee and looking around for subject matter--maybe the beach bag overloaded with stuff--maybe a palm tree--maybe the woman across the pool arranging her stuff around her lounge chair? Of course there's always my new pumas or my new Nike air sole flip-flops.

Between now and then, there's laundry, ironing, dress maker, cleaner, drugstore, manicure, pedicure and absolutely deciding for sure which tees are going to go with those shorts? Do I have a pair of pants roomy enough for me to grow chip chubby and still have something to wear home on the plane? Will they have chips? I hope they have chips, my favorite vacation food since they're not allowed in our house.

Fun stuff--maybe more than the vacation itself? Vacation days fly by. The whole thing is over in a flash. The days before, however, creep by in slow motion filled with long to do lists, the what ifs and excited anticipation of new sights and adventures. These prologue days are the days I love.

And this last photo is a sunset on the beach in Zihautanajo, another destination in Mexico that's a on our list. Never stop anticipating. Hasta luego mi amegos.

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