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Monday, April 26, 2010

Swimming Pools are Me; Lazy were We

No drawing went on day two or day three of our trip. I was too busy looking around, making adjustments and getting comfortable. It takes me a bit to unwind to the tempo of beach vacation life--particularly when we're staying in a place I've never been before,know nothing about and will be for a spell.

I did manage to snap a few however while I rearranged the sitting area furniture in our room. The way it was, you couldn't get in or out of the place--or to the bano in the middle of the night without bumping a shin.I organized the vanity in the bath in the way high-end hotel maids do it, so they'd leave our stuff alone. I figured out how to mix the right amount of hot and cold water together from the separate valves to make a comfortable shower for Honey and me. And after finding the heilo machine closest to our room,I found Honey the shadiest spot at the best pool.

The Westin had a pool and the time share condos next door had a pool that the Westin guests could use. The Westin pool, while beautiful in brochures, didn't hold a candle to the time share pool. Being pool aficionados, the time share pool was our pool of choice as soon as we saw it-- even though I had to limp miles to get there.

It was tiled, not painted cement. You could jump in off the side without killing yourself on some built-in concrete chaise-like ledge for non swimmers to bask in the sun while keeping wet in shallow water--a dominant feature of the Westin pool. There was room to play volley ball--even with a net if we desired-- and swim straight away laps. There was also the largest Eucalyptus tree I've ever seen that totally kept the sun from touching any one of Honey's toes. Miguel and Jorgia, our son and his gal from Seattle, preferred a bay front pergola on the beach. The structures were beautiful and romantic, but sunny all day long due to the lattice roof--great for them, bad for us. Everybody was happy.

While the Westin pool was too contrived and toddler oriented, the grounds of the hotel were beautiful--full of lush tropical plants I'd love to have in my garden. The open air walk to the Royal Club Room on the twelfth floor was delightful, rich with tropical views early morning (fig.3) and at the cocktail hours, (fig 4). The club room itself was a treat too.Aside from offering air conditioned, low humidity coolness after a day in the hot, the staff and the other guests we met over the breakfast buffet and during the cocktail and hor d'ouvres hours were warm and very chatty. We really enjoyed the social atmosphere, the food and drink, and especially being with our kids--so much so we didn't go out for dinner till the forth night; none of us wanted to get dressed, get in a cab and miss watching the sunset on the beach, a calming sight.

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