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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

First Drawing, Forth Day

First drawing, forth day, nine forty five in the morning: Settled on my chaise, I took my supplies out of the beach bag and looked around for something interesting. The pool bar and grill caught my attention. Directly in front of our spot in deep shade, the waiters and cooks were preparing to start their day; The bar opened at eleven. I went to work too doing what I love to do where I love to do it.

By the time Luis asked me what Senora would like, I was ready for a bucket of heilo to nurse my knee,(I had brought along a plastic food bag and bandanna to make my own ice bag), a bottle of water to wash my colors and rinse my brush, (I had brought a vial of acrylic white along with my Crayola markers), and a glass of wine, the best remedy I know for a torn meniscus.

My plan for the day was to finish the drawing, read a bit of Stephen King, dabble at suduko, visit with the kids in their pergola and relax. (I wanted to be rested up for our first night out on the town). Honey's plan was to read every newspaper he could find. Our first water volley ball game for four was planned at three in the warm pool--after Honey's siesta. The other exercise of the day was walking to the banos; there were three, all miles from our camp.

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