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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Lady in The Hat

The lady in the hat's lounge was in front of mine in the sunny row. The hat was the only evidence I could see that someone was sitting there. The hat wasn't moving, so
I chose it as my object of interest and set to work.

When her sister came along and saw what I was doing. We struck up a conversation. She and her sister and their husbands were at the timeshare; they had traded their week somewhere else for the week in PV. The units were very nice. Two master bedrooms and baths with a great room and kitchen in between.The shower had one valve and the floor wasn't a slip and fall accident waiting to happen. She was from Manhattan and her sister had been too, but moved to Florida last year--Delray Beach I think? This trip was a reunion. Both women read a lot; their husbands played golf in the mornings and joined them at the pool in the afternoons. Both sisters were reading a romance novel. I was reading Stephen King. That about ended the conversation for the moment.

You meet a lot of folks when you paint in plein aire,(the Impressionists' description of painting outside). They come over and start to chat and watch while you work. The attention is inhibiting--I usually stop. I don't like people looking over my shoulders at unfinished work which may or may not be going along nicely. Everybody always says, "Oh that's just wonderful", but it may not be wonderful yet. So I turn the conversation to them and in most cases we end up buddies for a brief while enjoying an encounter on the beach. Names are never important.

As for the paintings I did while I was away. I think Lady in The Hat was the best of the eight. The Pool Bar, you saw a few days ago, is the worst--over done. It's followed closely with the picture of the Excursion Hut--not painterly enough, the style's too graphic, nothing a few smears of water wouldn't cure. But good or bad in my opinion makes no difference when painting on the quick. My objective was the doing--and poolside really was a great place to do and meet people while I did.

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