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Thursday, March 4, 2010


You can't have too many of them. A pair of black pants and a topper and you're out the door. I was into clothes. Taking another break yesterday, I went shopping, searching one more time for a pair of black cotton skinny jeans. After two years, I was successful. Then I spent the afternoon in my closet reviewing tops. I shot two photos of my rack, thinking they, like my unread books, would make a nice abstract.Then my troubles began.

It took me forever to merge the two photos into one using Pro8. When I finally did,the print came out great, (rich colors,deep blacks), but then I lost it. It's stored somewhere in this machine in a file named, what else, "Toppers". Out of disgust, I put an end to my misery by shooting another photo of the two merged photos. That's why the posted photo isn't as sharp as it should be.
My plan was to do a marker sketch of the combined images, but I had had enough; Pro 8 did me in. Instead of drawing, I watched the Bourne Ultimatum for the umpteenth time. Life shouldn't be that hard.

The good news is: I did get an excellent photo to use for the abstract. And I now have three paintings to keep me busy and diversified, which prohibits me from getting hung up on any one of them.

The Moon, March 5, 2010 What else is there to do when sleepless at 5:30 AM? I played around with my camera in the dark.

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