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Friday, March 5, 2010

South of The Border with Crayolas and Mr. Wilson

From top to bottom: The photograph of my rack of toppers in my closet; The drawing of my rack of toppers with a border and hard edge; The drawing of my rack of toppers with a soft edge; the painting, borderless and frameless, and a fifth the size of what the painting will be. The drawings are 3" x 9". The canvas I have in stock is 15" by 45".

The bright colors and design remind me of a serape. It seems my mind has crossed the border ahead of me. On vacation next month in Puerto Vallarta, I'm taking my Crayola washable markers, (a couple of new sets; my black is shot), along with Mr. Wilson. Between water volley ball,sketching and snapping candids of the folks on the beach for future artful endeavors, I'll be very busy having a blast.

Post script: did everybody know, but me, that if you double click on the pictures, it blows them up so you can see every stroke clearly? I didn't--not till two days ago.

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