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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

More Torture Comin' Up

I've nearly gone as far as I can go with Honey. I'll never be satisfied with the painting. While it looks like him, the paint is too thick and consequently,the surface has texture. These flaws have made me anxious to go on to another. I found my new subjects among my snapshots of loved ones.(We have families so we can take advantage of them). This is a first sketch to get acquainted with my victim--learn what's related to what? I like her stubborn pout and wild gypsy hairstyle. She's beautiful and full of personality. I hope I can do her justice?

For the next "let loose" painting, I decided to do my woods in summer photo; I've had enough of winter. I love the purples and deep greens, mixes of two of my favorite colors dioxinine purple and thalo green (blue). I found an enlargement of the photo I published in yesterday's post in my files. It was cropped to fit a 36 x 36 square canvas, which, as luck would have it, I have in stock.

I have to let loose while doing this portraiture thing; the genre really gets me uptight--and I think Honey looks it. Splashing and slathering relieve the tension.
I'd love to know if other dabblers in portraiture feel the same way--or is it just me and where I'm at? With a pencil in hand, I feel pretty competent. But with a brush and acrylics not so much. I think it's the acrylics. The fast drying time doesn't allow for smearing and smudging like with oils.--But that stuff stinks, so I'm stuck with figuring it out. Is that a pun?

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