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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Art in the AM; Art in the PM

My painting "Winter Lake" got more wintery and more textured build up yesterday morning as Chris, the Comcast Tech searched for answers as to why I couldn't get on line.

In the PM, I investigated how I could give a homeowner all she asked me for in her new kitchen. This PM, I'll be back at the drafting table investigating further; this first plan would give her everything she wants, but would be the most costly. It involves an addition. Today, I'll be looking for how we can save a lot of money and get most of the features she wants within the footprint of the existing house. Today's work will be harder than yesterday's. it's easier to spend, harder to save.

To please myself or to please a client is the same. We both want the end product to be pleasing: the painting to my eye; the interior space to the clients' personal needs.

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