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Saturday, January 30, 2010

"Winter", Session Two

Having restocked Dioxinine Purple and Thalo Green/Blue, my favorite "black" mix, I went back into my Blue Snow painting, (Drawing-of-The-Day Post January 15th). This time using a small wax scraper, a spray bottle of water, a sponge and my finger twice. These tools just popped into my hand; brushes weren't appropriate for the subject. I also,without thinking,threw an extender into the mix, a medium I've never used before. Maybe to make my most precious pigments last longer?

I was visualizing an abstract with many lines of various cool winter colors and working fast and thoughtlessly,(it's best not to think, just do). As usual the paint was everywhere: on the pallet, the canvas, and then on my clothes. Dioxinine/thalo should be my signature. This time it made its permanent mark on my favorite Karl Lagersfeld tee shirt that he designed for breast cancer in 2008. Who said pink is the best color for that cause? Not any more.

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