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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Thirty Minute Sketch

A thirty minutes (plus or minus), free hand sketch of my purse, a simple, everyday item I'm very familiar with, done with an umbra colored pencil while watching Dr. Oz.

It needs more work to become a drawing. Drawings are sketches that have more finish. They take longer to do. Sketches, on the other hand, are quick and "impressionistic', on the spot. But it occurred to me while involved, that it was really the straps and buckles that interested me most. I'm going to zero in on those for the next sketch and see if that sketch isn't something worthy of development and the expenditure of more time. This one is a nice study, good exercise.

I did feel pleased that my eye/hand coordination seemed to be still in tact; I haven't drawn from life since last year--and from life beats drawing from photographs hands down. You get a better sense of volume.

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