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Friday, June 23, 2017

Keeping A Steady Beat


My ladies Waiting At The Gate are taking shape--rounding out and putting on weight.  It's slow going, but delightful to be painting regularly.  I'm sketching daily too--and putting together a book of my sketches.  I firmly believe that drawing daily is essential for achieving excellence at our craft  and want to pass that on to other artists painting late in life.  

Sudoku Morning, graphite pencils 6" x 8"

Kelly, graphite pencils, 6" x 8"

Hillpoint Wood, oil pastels,  9" x 11", Plein Air 

Hand study for next project.

Eli,  charcoal, pastels, 9" x 11"

Another look at Eli,  graphite pencils, 6" x 8"

Jon, graphite pencils, 6" x 8"


  1. Looks like you've got there .... I hope to say the same, and rejoin you, soon.

    Encouraging to see you working again ... I swear the world was slowing without your energy

    1. Illness is so very depleting the older we get. Between Ellis and my travails over the last four years, our energy and enthusiasm levels fell to nil. This summer we are battling everyday to boost ourselves up. I am pushing myself to get more physically active via walks and cycling and running the stairs in the house. The objective is to move. Activity does wonders for rebuilding physical strength and brightening outlook, BUT IT IS TOUGH. I am back painting, but not as consistently as I would like; I can't always shake off the do nothing routine of recovery. Hopefully, day by day this summer that will change? I hope you are well enough to be in the same boat. You have the right stuff. Your interests and skills are amazing. You are as strong minded as I am--if not more so. That is our savior. Kicking and screaming....