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Thursday, May 25, 2017

A New Friend

A New Friend, Portrait Study, Graphite Pencil

First get acquainted, free hand sketch of what could be a very lovely portrait.  There will be others, but before moving her to canvas: Telatively free hand warm ups with paint to getting back to serious painting,

 Wildfire is back on the easel being reconstructed-- and I'm about to attemp the 40 stroke alla prima challenge suggested by Anne Blair Brown, My format will be 9" x 12" canvas panels.  After all the pencil sketches, sketching in paint will be lovely.  

Vianna Szabo also suggests an interesting challenge worthy of a try:  Learn to Paint Color By Painting White on White.  
Vianna Szabo's Blog

Painting freely on a large surface is such a plasure after months of 6" x 8". Large surfaces allow the freedom to go full body wild.  

Wildfire is in the process of being reconstructed more tame. 

Detail of the  reconstruction of Wildfire upper left-hand corner of the 36" x 36" stretched canvas.
 Brushes and knives and fingers and palms celebrate color.

Returning to art in one's seventies is both wonderful and depressing.  Drawing, painting working in the studio is an uplifting joy.  Over the hill with regards to reaching others via marketing and/or teaching is inhibiting and depressing.  After coming down from the high that making art yields, I've thought what for? Why am I doing this?
The answer is longevity. At 103, this late life artist is still painting strong.


  1. Wow, your Wildfire positively glows! Good luck with the challenges, I hope you learn plenty, but mostly....enjoy!

    1. I'm thrilled to be back on my feet and standing at that easel. Sitting and painting has never been my style. I haven't started the challenge yet, but am all set up. It takes some thinking about the palette and the order of the brushstrokes/colors.. Definitely small format. Quite frankly I lost heart.over the last travails. These challenges and layering away on the large canvas hopefully will rev my enthusiasm and help me throw caution to the wind?