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Saturday, January 28, 2017

This Artist's Eye in Sketches

The Artist's Eye, Final sketch of Jim Carrey, graphite, 4" x 6"

This has been a week of sketching, watching CNN and FOX News and reading every major newspaper I could get my hands on.  Very little painting has gone on.  I was concerned for my homeland during Mr. Trump's first week in office.  He moved me to familiarize myself with my representatives in the US congress and add them to my contacts. This artist may have been sketching Jim Carrey's eye, but my eye was on government. 

This quick sketch was worked on over two warm-up sessions and led to the re-do above.

My first session ended up with Carrey's stance reminding me of Donatello's David with a ponch.

I fattened him up and brought one leg more forward, in a second sketch session,  but it was still Donatello's David.
A Re-do was necessary.  Carrey's expression  and raised hand was so Artist,
the sketch at the top of this post was what I was after.

The more I heard on the all news stations and in the newspapers, the more I thought I should brush up on my representatives in the US Congress.  How better to know them then to sketch them and etch them into my brain.  I didn't choose campaign photos to use as references, I chose photos that showed them at work.  They are all Democrats, while I am a displaced Republican, 

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, graphite, 4" x 6"

Michigan Senator Gary Peters (D), graphite, 6" x 4"

Michigan Senator Debbie Stabenow (D), graphite, 6" x 4"

Congressional Representative, Michigan District 14, Barbara Lawrence (D), graphite, 6" x 4"

Native American, (no visa, no green card, no passport necessary), graphite, 4" x 6"

This last sketch  was done in reaction to the ban of Muslims from coming into the country and those who were held in detention in compliance with President Trump's executive order. 


  1. No painting but you have been busy! And I do love your sketches, such a pleasure and inspiration to me so keep them coming.

    1. I did paint this week, but I concentrated on a single area that still isn't to my satisfaction--not worth exhibiting. I am thrilled to be back sketching daily again--and I am on the brink of attacking a large canvas in an expressive way. Perhaps after Ellis' surgery and he's back home recovering? Right now, I'm content to sketch and work on Waiting an inch or five a session.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Regine! Sketching was about all I could do as I kept an eye on Mr. Trump's first new week in office. Now, this citizen is awake and involved--and writing everyone in government to tell them to stand up to this unamerican zealot. While painting was slow going, it is going to go slower still.

  3. Damn, I love your sketches!!! The one at the top is definitely bang-on. As for the national leader whose name I will not utter, I cannot even look at an image of him without feeling ill.


    1. What do you have against Schumer? He is weak, I am told, but I want to be familiar with who is who in positions of power in this country. I could have drawn Paul Ryan, but he makes me ill. As for the two Senators from Michigan, my state, and my representative in the House, I should know who they are and what they look like. What better way to do that than drawing them? Before I draw any politician, I read all about them. I'm giving myself a refresher course in Civics.