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Monday, July 25, 2016

Blow The House Down


I'm Going To Huff...And Puff,   Graphite pencils HB, 2B, General 314 on Strathmore Drawing paper, 6" X 8".

Finished unafraid to blow down the house. Push it!  Push it!  Push it!


  1. This is how I feel sometimes Linda!!! Lololololol !!!!!! This drawing is so expressive and beautifully done! I hope you're feeling better..... Remember that recuperation time ...takes time....everyday will be a little better! 😍

    1. Thanks Hilda. You guessed it. I didn't remember exactly what the recuperation period was like. It's not easy--but it isn't hard either when I think that this knee pain differs from the pre-op pain in that IT GOES AWAY FOREVER! I am actually doing amazingly well. I slowly go up and down stairs and walk without using my cane. I still have to ice, occasionally take a mild pain pill but only because the physical therapists really make you stretch three times a week. I am missing painting. I draw, but it's not the same. Hugs for your best wishes, Linda

  2. This is WONDERFUL, Linda!!! Keep on getting stronger!