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Monday, April 18, 2016

Where The Wind Blows, So Blows The Paint

The Sunbathers was as big a challenge as the fidgety model of yesterday.  The winds were blowing 18mph and so was the paint. I stood my ground though and did manage to get some to land on paper.  Though tempted to solidify forms this morning, I didn't; there's a geometric pattern here I like. I let it stand as is--loose and child-like.  

Hoist the sails and let's fly! High winds are not conducive to Plein air painting with watercolor or putting on a cover-up.


  1. Hahaha .... between wind, too much brightness, and insects ... that's why I have so far not been tempted to plein air :)

    1. Ordinarily, Plein air is a lot of fun poolside, beachside on holiday or off my balcony or from the patio at home, but these winds was a first. The effort did make me laugh. I sort of like this one just for what I had to go through to get it. It's a memory.

  2. Yes, every picture does tell a story and some more than others, like this one. I'm glad you left it as it does have a nice geometric pattern to it but I also love it's freshness and its feeling of a 'moment' captured in time.