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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Waiting At The Gate


I shot the reference in the airport while waiting at the gate for our plane to somewhere?  The expressions on the women's faces were fascinating.  What was the irritated brunet telling the silver haired woman that would cause such a startled look?  

Passengers At The Gate, graphite sketch, 6" x 8", 30 minutes more or less.  Interesting enough to lay my pencil down and get out the brush and a canvas board.


The baggage they clutched to their bosoms is something to explore by itself. It drapes their laps and tumbles over their legs, it's the darkest area of the reference and an important connective., so is the top of the suitcase. I didn't give it nearly enough bulk in this rough in drawing. 

A paint sketch using  limited palette of T White, Ivory  Black and Payne's Gray, Yellow Ochre, Cad red light, burnt Sienna and Burnt Umbra. I am definitely out of practice, but positive this subject interests me enough to move onto a larger canvas then this 11" x 9"

Sketching in Paint is as important as sketching in pencil, especially when my pencil work is moving in a painterly direction.  The soft leaded General 314, Berol B3 and B6 pencils are the first pencils I reach for and I mostly hold them as I would a piece of vine charcoal.

Passenger in Seat 16A, graphite, 6" x 8"
I loved the sweet smile he gave me as he passed by.

Sunday Paper and A Cup of Java, graphite, 6" x 8", 30 minute +- daily drawing of the other
live model living at my house.

 New Hair, New Earrings, New Glasses, New Person,  graphite, 6" x 8"


  1. I love all of these paintings Linda....but "passenger in 16a" is outstanding!!! Have a wonderful weekend!!!

    1. Thank you Hilda. I did! It was a horrible week, but things turned around Sunday morning,