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Sunday, November 15, 2015

All out of Linseed Oil!

Stopped in my tracks by linseed oil.  There wasn't a drop to be found anywhere!  How's that for letting painting slide?  Pretty negligent, I'd say.  So I experimented with my graphite stubs.  I never used them much.  I did this whole drawing with one very dirty one.  There's more experimenting to be done--like do they still peel down to a clean tip? Or do I have to order them by the gross? Realistic graphite portraits are becoming an interest.  (TIP:  Working with a dirty stub is a lot like working with charcoal's advantage: the prosess is a play between adding and subtracting.  Of course, templates are a must have).



  1. Hello Linda! Just wanted you to know I am out here always checking out you and your beautiful blog!
    Take care!
    Your Art Buddy!

    1. I appreciate your comments Michael . Always nice to hear from you

  2. Linda het is weer prachtig geworden vooral die licht inval bij het haar lieve groetjes Danielle

  3. Being without Linseed oil is a nightmare ! Luckily you found a great alternative to express your creativity, wonderful expressive face !

  4. what is a graphite stub? You are like me...when you don't feel like painting (or can't because of lack of supplies) you return to dry media....yay! It is definitely a way work without hauling out all the materials and having to do tons of clean up. Very satisfying...just as satisfying as painting sometimes. I love this portrait. Great expression.

  5. I think it turned out very nice.