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Sunday, August 9, 2015

Tweaking, Trekking, Shrecking


Tweaked the mouth. Tweaked the eyelids. Tweaked here and there to shift an expression a tad too hard softer.  A tweak, a minute shift of an angle, a smidgeon lighter here, a wee bit darker there, obiterate that point, sharpen that one, fudge that line, fade out the other and the nuance shifts.   Some may never notice the change; there's  just something different--the likeness, the balance  The word 'tweak' is used a lot in drawing and painting.  It sounds cute, like there's nothing to it,  but it really means sweating the details.  Squinting, mirrors, standing the painting on its head are all 'tricks' for tweaking--and it goes on all the time, not just the last day in October.


Wonderful Saturday afternoon with my son and his new 'baby.'  I went on an Airstream International Signature FB tour and picnicked.  An Airstream is an 'old fashioned' camper that looks like a bullet that has the reputation for being state of the art with a lifetime longevity.

"In 1931, Airstream began with Wally Byam’s dream: to build a travel trailer that would move like a stream of air, be light enough to be towed by a car, and create first-class accommodations anywhere."

I was impressed.  I got excited.  I wanted to go somewhere, hook up and have the camping experience. Instead, we ordered pizza, drank wine and I photographed the impressive vehicle my son had successfully backed into his narrow driveway.

Most trailer folks are not keen on backing up; my novice
son managed to wedge his baby between a hedge and
a the stairs to the back door with no mishaps.

It's got awnings over every window.

A Franke sink, a Grohe faucet, a Corian countertop
impressed this retired kitchen designer.
Convection oven/microwave, gas cooktop

The dining table goes down to make a bed.

From the edge of the dining table straight through
to the 'master' bedroom.  The runner carpet was
not included; it was in the basement and conveniently
matched the Expresso and white interior. The
flat screen TV was along with one in the bedroom.
The Master bedroom is tight, but cozy with a queen size bed.
Spread and toss pillow included.
Lav with commode. Cozy, too
Behind the mirror is storage for toiletries;
there's an open compartment below for
what is used most. Retired bath designers
are interested in such things.
Grohe handheld showerhead and the
curvy forms on the back wall is a ledge
with two heights. 
 By the number of photos here you can tell I got excited. I do love great design.  This Glamcamper was packed full of high tech, top notch features this retired designer really appreciated.


Max, a start.
 Three days before thoracic surgery for what is suspected to be lung cancer, I had to have someone else to use and abuse to calm myself and lift me up and away from  concerns.  Max was it.  I tried him earlier in graphite and was relatively successful. Now, in paint, he looks gloomy in this very loose, black under drawing, which is the appropriate color for  anything I paint right now.  He'll get better when I stop shrecking and get to tweaking sometime in the next two weeks.  Until then, be as glad as I am to be gifted with this passion for making art.



  1. I was really enjoying every part of this post until I read about the impending surgery.
    WOW! thats a shocker, my dear Linda... but sending my love and admiration for the person you are
    and hope all will be manageable and curable. My best to Ellis, too.
    I guess that is why your son arrived. Good family support.
    Max is adorable - huge eyes.

    1. Thanks Julie. It was a shocker here too. I still do not believe it; I haven't any symptoms, EXCEPT THE MENTAL ANGUISH that the news brought on! Painting and drawing takes care of that. The stage is guessed at being the lowest on the board, a good thing that won't be verified till the biopsy. It isn't the Breast cancer metastasized, another good thing. I am hopeful they'll biopsy and say whoops, sorry, my mistake. Unfortunately the surgeon who looked at all the scans has been in the business for thirty three years and is The King in these parts; miscall said are not his reputation.

      My son Steve lives here, well in Lansing. He really did go camping for the first time ever with his new lady friend who owned a tent. He came home from the experience and bought an Airstream! He loves her; he hates living in a tent even if it's for a short time. He takes after Ellis and me. He is coming to hospital with us Wednesday though. I didn't want Ellis worrying alone in the op lounge. He's also the chief of Perinatology, an OBGYN and and MD. He understands medical talk and hospital jargon. this stuff makes me shake in spite of being in excellent shape and health. Xanax is my friend--as is art where all is forgotten.

      Georgia is at last Georgia! She had such an allusive look! It took a lot of tweaking those shapes correctly. I am finally pleased with this one--though I don't know what she thinks, nor do I want to know. 😊

      Thanks for your well wishes. I expect to be back at the easel this time next week. ( no after surgery treatment is expected to be needed. Keep your fingers crossed for me). Hugs, Linda

  2. LInda!! So very shocked also with the news of your upcoming surgery!! I will be thinking of you and sending you best wishes and swift healing messages!! I am so glad you have your art!!! I am sorry I haven't been writing on your blog lately. Been in a bit of a slump with my stupid shoulder issue! Please be rest assured that their are many of your art buddies out here wishing you all the best! Take care and keep on making art and posting wonderful photos of your work and the goings on in your neck of the woods! Sincerely Your Art Buddy! Michael

    1. Thanks Michael! Come Thursday this will hopefully be history. This time next week I hope to be back at the easel.

  3. Dear, dear, Linda - you are being held closely in my heart and mind as you go through this procedure. I have admired your fearlessness in your approach to art and to life in general. Your wide range in interests and your curiosity about so many things have inspired me and provided me with much to think about and study myself. Thank you for being my internet art friend, Linda. My love and support are with you.

    1. Thank you so much Susan. I appreciate your internet friendship as well and missed seeing your posts on my side bar.

      Things have been unreal the last weeks. I was very lucky my internist ordered a chest X-ray when I had a horrible cold and cough last May. If he hadn't, the situation in time would have been a lot worse . This cancer has been found very early. The irony is: What I called the cold from hell turned out to be a lifesaver I hope, I hope? I'll know more Thursday.

      Meanwhile, I'm really curious as to why chest X-rays have been excluded from yearly physical exams?

  4. All the very best with your Health Linda. Good luck.