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Saturday, May 2, 2015

Sleeping. Drinking. Sleeping. Coughing. Drinking. Coloring. Sleeping...

The White Orchard, Vincent Van Gogh

Painted in April, in Arles, in 1888, Van Gogh's Spring will have to suffice this year. But his orchard series, beautiful as it is, is hardly as good as walking into the backwoods and picking a bouquet of the glorious daffodils in full bloom out there.  From what I can see from my window, there's a full fledged river flowing between our little lake and the little pond on the next acreage.  I will have to take a look for myself. I always told Ellis the lake would come up to the ridge that runs along our back. I may have been psychic?  It would be fun to paddle between the two. 

My health is progressing I think?  I'm coloring.  The first IPad drawing you saw. I hadn't used the right size nib. The second is my attempt to paint the guy.  There's only so much accuracy you can get with a finger, however, this venture did start me saving my color values.  As crude as this is, I do think my fussing will assist my move to little canvases for my morning workouts. 

Lately, I've been thinking about the water soluble oil paint set I have downstairs.  I bought them, but never used them. They might be much more compatible with plein air than oily oils--less junk and no worries about fluids for thinning or clean up. 

The weather is lovely. I hate being stuck inside feeling like an invalid. Yes. I am feeling sorry for myself. 

The coffee pot is believable. 


  1. Keeping your brain in motion and also hands if possible, as you do, is already a good thing. Always incisive your digital artworks.
    My projects in full " inner "swing when I need to rest... so I think it is the same for you too.

    I wish with all my heart that your forced break,
    it will be constructive for your future projects.

    1. You don't have this horrible cold do you? It's a killer. hope not. --It's hard not to try to draw, but the fact I did on whatever I can lay my hands on is a very good sign I'm on the mend.

  2. Don't worry,dear Linda. I'm fine, but when it is happened bed rest, only defense was to put my
    mind in motion, looking for future painting projects.
    I hope soon again to the easel !!!

    1. Relaxation is important; don't let your mind get so occupied that you can't let go and regain your energy.

  3. So glad to see you thinking and doing art, it does mean you are on the mend. I am so intrigued by your iPad adventures, love that guy and his green tache

    1. You teach me new colloquialisms all the time--and here, silly me, thought we spoke the same Language--so why don't they list English and American on those prefered language lists? 😄. OR why isn't English spoken like the English?

      The iPad is just arty enough for me. I have a stylus with a rubber tip that may work better than my finger, but it works great as a tool to lift the excess paint from an overzealous brushstroke. It's down a flight of stairs in the studio. Such walks get me winded in this condition and excellence in IPad painting is not an achievement I'm after.