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Saturday, March 7, 2015

On The Dark Side, An Ear Meets A Cheek. On The Light Side, R2D25000 Came Home.

Dripping Wet, IN PROGRESS, got an ear and a neck this morning.

The ear is an interesting appendage.  Like hands, I've noticed most portrait artists suggest them rather than draw them.  The shell is complicated--a lot more so than fingers with appendages, knuckles and a fleshy palm.  The best ear I saw this winter drawing season was on my grand son Zac.  I didn't do it justice and felt guilty about taking it lightly, so I paid a lot more attention this morning to JD's ear and that piece of cartilage that has a slight rise and separates it from the cheek.

At twelve,his jaw line is still not defined, but, nevertheless needs to be suggested.  Before I initial this drawing tomorrow, I want more of the neck area where the values go darkest. I am experimenting quite a bit on the degree of pressure to apply on the 3B lead in my lead holder, an item left over from drafting days.  The range of touch is amazing.  Touch is to drawing as color value is to painting.

While violence rages around the world, peace has been restored at Roth's Roost; R2D2 5000  is home.

As luck would have it,  we were out when FedEx delivered my repaired laptop. They said by eight PM, but they came between noon and one.  When I saw the door tag my heart sank. The next delivery  day was Monday.  I would be spending another weekend without.  I would be falling days behind on the Xbox Solitaire Challenge for March.  I curled up on the sofa and took a nap, a long nap.  The sound of the backdoor slamming work me at six. It was Ellis carrying the large box I had packed my broken laptop in twenty days earlier when I sent it to Dell..  My honey had gone and picked it up!  How romantic is that! 

NOTE:  I got rid of the blue in my photo this morning by simply changing my camera setting to black and white.  This kind of stupidity makes me worry if the wine is killing too many brain cells?


  1. What a great drawing...and what a great husband! So glad you got your laptop back. I'm watching your drawings with interest. :)

    1. Drawing seems to be of little interest on blogger. Painting is what counts. I haven't been doing much of that. I haven't felt the need. I think I'm percolating.