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Friday, February 6, 2015

Under The Nails

What's That Kid? You Want To Do What? graphite, 6 x 8, TMDD Series

This guy looks like I felt the last two days, and maybe that's why I selected him this morning,  but he's actually listening to his six year old babble away while he'd rather be fooling around on his iPad.
All parents have had this look on their faces when their youngsters wanted them to do what they didn't.

He's got great lips too. I didn't get to round them out.  I kept dropping my pencil and having to get down on my knees to find it. Then no sooner was I back in my chair, I'd drop the knead!  It wasn't a peaceful session and for that reason, this guy looks a little meaner than he actually looked.

Have a nice weekend.  Get out of the studio into the fresh air. Breath deep. Workout.  Wash your hair and cut your nails.  Under the  nails is where the paint hides till its on your sweater, jeans or couch.

Thank you all for reading my rant and responding.  I deeply appreciate your act of friendship.  Hugs to all.


  1. He looks indulgent rather than mean. You two have a good weekend too!

    1. Reluctant? However her looks, he listening and that's good parenting. I liked his 'bedhead.' Thanks. Same to you and Roy.

  2. Tell Ellis he can come out from under the table now :0))

    This kid looks like the school bully ... it's all in the eye.

    Good strong and confident drawing.

    Enjoy the weekend ... I don't do hugs, so ... firm handshake ;)))

    1. John, hugs aren't as contagious as handshakes--ask Howie Mandel. --It is all in the eyes. I didn't get his eyes. His eyes were where my mood stepped in and the piece became 'expressive.'