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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

On A Mission of Importance

Figure one of two,  graphite, TMDD Series
There's only so much you can do in thirty minutes. this figure was it for Monday.

On A Mission of Importance, graphite,6 x 8", TMDD Series
Her buddy was added carefully Tuesday, half assed backward, meaning her buddy should have been drawn first and the gal in the fun swing coat with the long lean legs added last.  With graphite, you have to keep the dangers of hand drag at bay by taking a moment to plan procedure.  when drawing in a short period of time, planning is not anything one wants to waste a minute doing. 

Given the incredibly long time that the Venetian approach takes, I painted  free hand a relatively quick alla prima sketch  on breaks from scumbling. It took longer than thirty minutes--about three hours. I haven't signed it yet. I had enough brushes to wash.   

 Big Blue Beach Hat, oil on  9" x 12" canvas board



  1. love the painting...compliments that take a powerful swipe at you. Good stuff. But the drawings are ace. clever to add the right place, too! day.

    1. Thanks. I agree. Painting freely was fun after the Venetian ( torture) method. Drawing comes second nature. A few years ago Bill Cook said I should stick with it--not that I ever really left it. He, a follower and an art director, might have had a point. I do believe that's a pun. These years I'll do whatever. These years are Golden.