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Saturday, January 31, 2015

Say Cheeseburgers!

Say Cheeseburgers, graphite, 6 x 8"  TMDD Series
The biggest smile you ever saw.  The smile portrait artists never do. The one I was most curious about. It involved all the muscles around the mouth, an excellent exercise in anatomy.  A smile this wide distorts the nose, the cheeks, the chin and jaw. For most of the drawing I used an HB or an H3--just the lead I thoughtlessly  picked out of the box. Then I wanted darker--I always want darker--so I got the 6B.  I shouldn't have.  Working fast with no time to fuss blending , the two leads didn't mix well.  Drawing fast, keep it simple.  --I might do this woman again. I'd like another crack at those muscles. If you can do them in action, you can do them at rest. 



  1. It looks like a challenge which you finished perfectly Linda. I panic when I paint those wide smiles but I've been you said the nose, eyes, cheeks are all affected and that's when the challenge begins. I love how you painted the glasses as well...wonderful work....

  2. Love the angles rising up to the right. It really impresses me this rapid drawing - you know me: an old plodder.

    Such talent, Linda, you're gifted even if you frustrate the hell out of yourself at times for not being perfect all the time.