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Thursday, January 15, 2015

Beethoven on The Beach While I Scumble

Beethoven On The Beach 2, graphite, 6 x 8"  Thirty Minute Daily Drawing Series, January 15th
Beethoven On The Beach 1, graphite, 6 x 8", TMDD series, January 14th
I have no idea if this woman was listening to Beethoven while she relaxed on the lounge across the pool from me, but that's what I would be listening to while gazing at the efflorescent aqua Caribbean instead of photographing her like I was some sort of paparazzi and she a star.  I did like her soft looks and her pristine (by today's standards) cover up. It had an old fashioned look to it.  It looked like something you had to iron. Something I would not have bought.   I just love people watching! --And I suppose people should be keeping their eyes on me. They could end up drawings on this blog.


The drawings are quickly done. I need something quick to balance the very slow painting process I'm using these days. Scumbling is a painstaking technique.   I'm still scumbling  I'll Be In The Hot Tub and yesterday scumbled in an inch of color on the Erin grisaille. I wanted to see if the grisaille made value matching easier.  It does.
 Life is slow in the slow lane of traditional painting techniques. I am enjoying it.  There's no stress other than keeping your brushes clean and your palette orderly.  BUT the method .doesn't support frequent blogging of a variety of completed paintings--so I'm back to drawing-of-the-day, exactly where I started with Blogger five years ago, till April.  That's when I can put my Sun Torch Lamp back in storage--but not the drawing.  The early morning half hours are a delightful way to start the day 


I've given the woman a drink to keep her patient.



  1. Bonjour chère amie,

    Vos dessins sont extraordinaires et fascinants... Je trouve également passionnant ce que vous nous racontez en ce qui les concerne !... Une véritable paparazzi du crayon !

    Bravo également pour la peinture de ce merveilleux croquis que j'avais pu admirer ultérieurement. J'ADORE... Je me contenterais de commenter sur les couleurs très harmonieuses car je crois avoir exprimer mon ressenti lorsque je l'avais vu la première fois.
    J'aime beaucoup la lumière qui vient parcimonieusement caresser votre personnage.
    Gros bisous ♡

  2. Merci beaucoup! Le dessin est très amusant. Je me sens confiant. La peinture est le travail que je fais mon chemin avec obtenir les bonnes valeurs. Je suis intention de réalisme ces jours-ci et je suis disposé à lui donner un certain temps.

    Thank you so much! The drawing is great fun. I feel confident. The painting is work as I make my way with getting the right values. I am intent upon realism these days and am willing to give it some time.

  3. Wow I just love your drawings! Great positioning of the figures and beautiful shading !

    1. I do as much as I can do in a thirty minute period of time. Sometimes I draw longer. Sometime, I stop before my SAD light turns off. The short period of time forces me to zero in on what interests me. With this gal, it's her totally relaxed state and her Victorian style shirt.

  4. Me encanta esta pintura por su naturalidad y su movimiento inusual, todos los detalles son dignos de mención, pero si hay uno que predomina a mi modo de ver, es el pie.
    Lo dicho, mi enhorabuena por tan buen trabajo. Felicidades.