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Friday, December 12, 2014

The Bare Essentials


A fifteen minute sketch, the first in quite a few days.  I stuck to the bare essentials.   Ellis thinks I lost my verve. I do too--only I didn't lose it, I left it home in the studio. I have collected quite a few head shots with my camera though.  Hopefully, some will be intreguing enough for some alla primas later? I seem to like to take photos of people's backs. This sketch is the smallest ever, 6" x 4". 


  1. When I am on vacation, I'm on vacation from everything.
    Create breaks habit,for me, can bring new things, after.

    Your small watercolor seems to me essential , loose and energetic.
    This year you worked so hard on different techniques ("Alla Prima ", the Venetian school, you have painted many many palette studies so complex ...) ... maybe you deserve a carefree vacation ??? !!! I think you deserve. Have nice week end,Rita.

    1. You hit it on the head. This was a year full of new approaches. I think I'm drained. I do like 300lb paper though, so I'll be trying watercolor out again in the comfort of home. Till then, I'm taking photos of strangers. So far, I've gotten a lot of profiles and few full faced. I'll keep at it. If I don't paint these people, I will definitely use them for my morning thirty minute drawings. As much as I love my family, I'd like some new faces.

  2. Ha - betcha can't do it! The artist in you will being seeing all new things and seeing them as paintings.
    Lets see how long you can go without creating. Ellis will maybe start to notice a restless Linda after a week
    and pass you the bag without you asking.
    In many ways I think this one is best of the vacation lot. Am I correct thinking it is a newspaper the middle figure
    is reading?
    Enjoy, and keep on enjoying your wonderful time in the sun.

  3. But I like it! Sometimes simple is best. Verve in tact I think.