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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Take A Photograph!


Ellis turned out looking like Tommy Lee Jones he fidgeted so much while reading his paper. He could feel my eyes scrutinizing him and kept shifting this way and that. 

So I turned my gaze and my style  towards a woman having breakfast across from us.  She wasn't much better.  She kept eating and reaching and talking and turning...she wouldn't freeze.

After years of using reference photographs, I seem to be out of practice drawing from life. I kept recalling earlier years of five minute sketches --these two are five and two minutes tops--and on a lot smaller pad than those newsprint pads we took to drawing class with our vine charcoal.   When I told my new found artist friend from Las Vegas about these pathetic scribbles, she said, "Take a photograph!"  

Nothing could fix her. My patience was running thin, but a fast scribble was in the development stage.

Better for two minutes. I will try more quick draws by the pool.  The paper size is 6 x 8" I could use a graphite stick. A pencil just doesn't do it. 


  1. That's hilarious!!! He DOES look like Tommy Lee Jones! And you're right about needing some charcoal or a graphite stick for these fast sketches.

  2. Poor old Ellis, not a moments peace. love the sketches

  3. I LOVE Tommy Lee Jones and yes...he does look like him! I always love your posts, Linda!!! You always make me laugh!! These are all wonderful sketches..!!!

  4. Thanks for your supporting comments Kathryn, John and Hilda. I think these awkward sketches are evidence that my inner child is still in existence and needs so e discipline--OR a larger drawing pad and some charcoal. :-)). BUT Ellis is a fussbudget !