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Thursday, November 27, 2014

It's Hard To Turn It Off

Fish Out of Water
While I used to spend days contemplating what clothes to take on a trip, I am now contemplating what art supplies I might possibly need.  Life has changed.  The years before this it was a watercolor block, a set of pad watercolors and a Crayola Water soluble marker set, the large one.  Now, I want more--pencils, charcoal, pastels--anything I can use with watercolor.  And I keep adding this stuff to the beach bag and the beach bag is keeps growing heavier, almost too heavy to lift.  What does Ellis take to the beach?  His newspaper.  --Nevertheless, this is me and that's him. Trouble butts it's ugly head in  Paradise when I ask him to carry the bag because I have to carry my swim noodle, volley ball and beach hat. It's not all roses on holiday.

Scrolling through my photographs these last days looking for potential painting material I can take along for early morning warm up  drawings,  I came across a couple of watercolors from holiday's past--five years past.  They made me smile and a  more uplifting way to leave you than with Holbein The Younger's sour puss Erasmus and Linda, The Oldest's  heavy handed drawings.   Thank you all for coming along on this journey of mine these past five and a half years.  I appreciate and desperately needed your encouragement, for I came to you a fish out of water. You've all taught me a lot and gave me the courage to persist in my quest to turn one hard edge designer into a soft edge painter. I am grateful for you all on this Thanksgiving Day.  Hugs--lots of them all around.


  1. Happy Thanksgiving to you too Linda - and to all reading this. Thank you for brightening up our lives with your paintings and drawings - enjoy your holiday.

  2. Love these Linda! The colors are off the charts outstanding! Great work here! Continue in this media!!! Well done! Art at its best! Bravo! Bravissimo!
    Great! Great! Great! Great! Okay one more time! Great!
    Take care!

  3. Such a funny carrying all the art supplies on the beach and Ellis with his newspaper!! Lol
    These three paintings are wonderful Linda....full of vibrant colors....Wonderful work....

  4. Looking forward to seeing what all those packed art supplies with bring back to your blog.I am sure it will be filled with sun ,sand and colors from the beach! Have a great holiday !!

  5. And they made me smile as well. Love the bright colour but the value range is what makes them for me, so strong. It has taken me such a long time to grasp the importance of strong value work in making a picture attractive to the eye. It's an area that I need to strengthen in my own work. You got there very early on.

  6. Dear Linda, techniques are many, but the painter (in this case you ) who uses them, is unique!
    Even your watercolors on holiday are always the result of your creativity, so special. Enjoy holiday and freedom of water & colors !!!

  7. Love these wonderful , colourful paintings? Look forward to seeing what ever you do on your holidays. Have a great time!

  8. Wonderful and colorful watercolors, Linda! Enjoy your holiday, looking forward to the new work you'll make there!

  9. I smiled too...especially with the fish! I'm with you about the clothes. I used to "feel sorry" for women who didn't care what they were wearing--but now I am one of them! haha! I am looking forward to whatever you paint or draw from your trip. I'm sure you will have a wonderful time. :)