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Saturday, April 12, 2014

I'm still Scratching


 We're having lunch with Hank today. Hank is our grand nephew.  We've never met the youngster. I only know him through my pencil sketch done this morning over coffee. I used a reference photo, I downloaded off his Dad's FB page.

 --I've yet to acquaint myself with his cousin Max with graphite, but maybe I'll get a good shot later with his peanut butter and jelly?

 When I was growing up, everybody lived in the same town in the same neighborhood and got together all the time. Back "in the olden days," family life was tightly woven,  a richly colored tapestry of diverse souls. After seven years separation and the loss of Hank's granddad, the stitches have come loose and the colors faded. This afternoon,  we'll do some mending. 

About those shoes....


  1. Linda: That is wonderful How many people would even think of that? (Perhaps, you should re-read my latest post). By the way, if that drawing reflects the boy's image, he is cute as a button. Good luck with the mending.

    1. There were a number of factors in your post. I responded to the one that implied people are intimidated by the opinions of others and complied instead of being true to themselves. Perhaps you didn't narrow down your topic enough? Your reference to Ayn Rand brought to my mind her philosophy of the importance of individual creativity, innovation, over conformity. She was a radical. As a young person, I ate up her philosophy, as I aged I knew it was too one sided. That wasn't a cop out on my part. It was a gradual realization that compromise is necessary in a community environment. As far as architecture is concerned, I feel comfortable when there's a mix of the old with the new.

      The mending went extremely well. Unfortunately, I could only attend for a sort period. All the rich foods I'd been eating, got to me and I needed a time out for Motrin. But everybody else really had a great time and the party ran overtime. Ellis especially liked being with his brother's family and our two boys alone while I slept,drank coke and watched rerun movies. Getting a private banquet room was one of my great ideas.

    2. Understood completely. On the mending, I am happy you shared that time. Be well.

  2. This baby is so alive in your drawing ... I think I understand your thoughts.
    Everything changes. The world is different, the members of a family very often live far away ...
    We miss the days that will not back again.
    But if I stop to think about this I get too sad, it is best to think of the next paintings. Better to immerse myself in this last dream to become the artist I wanted to be when I was young. A dream easier to think and to realize, that not the dream that my daughter and my son-in-law (Polish), think of returning to Italy to live and do their little girls growing up in Italy.
    My sister has two daughters out of Italy, both in Paris ... She is about to become a grandmother-skype ... I'm not comforted by this, but I see that is becoming very usual.

    1. In this world economy, the children grow up and move where they can earn a living doing what they chose to do. Or they meet a mate who comes from somewhere else and follow them. It's the way of it. Nothing we can do, but keep in touch and visit when possible. We are very fortunate to have a passion that inspires and drives us to follow where it leads.

  3. Really wonderful drawing, Linda! I hope you have the opportunity to do more of him when you meet him.
    Kathryn XX

  4. A very beautiful little boy! A very beautiful drawing. Mend on! I certainly know what you are talking about Linda! Life is so short! I know you are so very wise to take advantage of every second while on the planet and savor every minute! Your passion and drive are both outstanding! Hug on!
    I love reading your blog and I so much enjoy your photos and art work! I so understand your reference to Ayn Rand! I remember realizing in an undergraduate philosophy class that is not do we compromise but maybe when we compromise! You are a wise person my dear art buddy!
    Take care and make great art!