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Sunday, November 3, 2013

Linda, Vincent, John, A Camera and Pencil

This witch didn't make it out of the house Halloween.
She had a pain management side effect. Why she looks happy, I have no idea.
It was a big disappointment. The reason the photo is blurry is
 most likely the web cam. It's always kind to old broads, but she could have moved?

Consequently, my Halloween loot was pitifully meager, but a favorite, so no tricks.

The complete works of Vincent arrived Friday morning.  It's gigantic!
Weighs four and a half pounds. Hard to hold on your lap,
but oh so inspiring. You can feel  and smell the paint. I still
couldn't find the back lighted women sitting on a bench
It's a big book, bigger than George Washington, but then he didn't paint.

Breakfast on Saturday with Vincent and Sargent doing a little "After Sargent"doodle.

Miss Borgatti didn't come out too shabby and made me feel better after Wednesday's flop in oils.

A restaurant scene found on the Minolta's chip. Nice darks. Dramatic lights.
Painting material?  I don't know yet. It's one of the photos I found seeing
if the camera stiill works. It so light weight and better than a cell phone.

I like this one better for painting. VG has me thinking shapes and  dark values.

And this interior interests me a lot.  It's the box office at the Purple Rose Theater, Jeff Daniel's pet project in Chelsea, MI
We went last summer.  We're going again Christmas week.  Good stuff.

Blur is what happens when you've had too much wine at lunch catching
up with old friends till the early birds starts drifting in for dinner--or from
a digital camera with a dying battery?  I have to check that out. 

Thumbnail  of a wonderful composition for a triple portrait found in Sunday's New York Times.
The photographer wasn't credited. Honey told me there was a good story
behind it too.  I haven't read it yet. I had to get down the positioning and the curious facial expressions.


  1. Love your charcoal drawings, LW...both of them. All the other photos are great fun too--yes I see some potential paintings there. Hope your knee feels better soon :)

    1. Pencil. There's no charcoal here, just a pencil and a small drawing pad, the simplest of tools easy to use. Thanks. Sargent used pencil too. I like 6B, the softest lead. The knee is coming along slooooooooooowly, but that's just my opinion. Everybody else thinks I'm doing great. The theater box office would be great in acrylic. And I like the bar scene #2--in paint as well as at five. :-))

  2. Dear Linda, what a strange thing if I think Van Gogh.... I think of a strong and vibrant sea of ​​colors!
    Every paint finds in the great Masters, what he loves most!
    Wonderful portraits, phenomenal, the one taken by the newspaper, the three absorbed in their own personal thoughts!
    Always effective your pencil!
    I wish you a knee getting better, day by day.
    With the great company of Sargent, Vincent and Richard .... everything can be better to deal with!

    1. The book jacket says, " the complete works of Vincent Van Gogh." But I still can't find that painting that appeared but once on that site! Doesn't matter, I am a lover of art books with their lovely colored plates on slick, glossy paper. They have to be big to show the work well. They are just a bit cumbersome to hold and read--but so is American history. :-)) Who's Richard? Only Vincent and John and I hung out this weekend. And the knee continues to heal. Actually, it's looking like a knee, feels like a knee, but still needs a lot of hamstring stretches--and a warmer climate. Ellis and I will see that it gets it next month.

  3. I think the drawing shows a lot of skill, captuturing and replicates the original very well. Good likeness.
    The composition sketch looks interesting, and are wonderful in itself, looking forward to see how it will turn out.
    Hope everything is well with you and that you didn't hide anything under that pointy hat. =)

  4. PS! You know that Vincent van Gogh is one of my favorite painters of all time and a big source of inspiration. Nice to see that you got great taste. =)

    1. I was going through VG's paintings, and I thought of your work and guessed you admired his work. There are similarities.

      Thank you. After the crayons of kindergarten, the pencil was the next tool put in my hands and everybody else's. There was a time when I didn't know there were art supply stores loaded with choices, I just had a #2 pencil.

      Sadly, of once your kids are off to college, Halloween becomes just another evening. But I couldn't resist that Harry Potter hat last year. (It's a duplicate of the one Maggie Smith wore). I'm just sorry I didn't get to make a fool of myself at the restaurant with my friend. Next Year-- or next week? A witch is a witch, of course.

  5. There was a good story. And it makes a good composition.

    1. I know. I do love the look on the faces of the two in the back row and the fierce resolve on the face of the man in charge. I didn't quite capture that, but I'm close. Trouble is, this is as far as I would want to go with this one. It's just a good compositional idea.

  6. Linda: I have the Van Gogh complete works, and it is fantastic. What painting are you still looking for? I have tons of material available to me through the university. I probably could find it.

    1. That's my problem; I don't know the name of it. It's pictured in the post before the last one. I made up the name, but Le Havre was where it was done. Tonight, 'I'll look again very slowly.