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Saturday, October 5, 2013



         Twin Everblooming Roses, Digital Finger Painting #9, ArtRage iPad App.  Drawn from life.

A fascinating way to spend a rainy afternoon exploring the tools and palette of this app that has become the art app of preference. With practice, finesse is achievable. I was going for delicate. I got closer with this drawing than I did with the others.

The roses came into the house as closed buds and bloomed before our eyes. They were most beautiful fully opened. By tomorrow, they will be defrocked, their petals  scattered around the base of the vase.


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks. Nice praise from the maestro of digital.

  2. Rose dancing beauty, faded roses to remind us that ... everything changes.
    Despite this, no one is tired of looking and painting roses.
    A joy, at this precise moment, even admire yours.
    You could with the same grace and with the same strength,
    paint them on canvas .... never faded, forever.

    1. Roses are you Rita. On canvas, I'm figurative. This digital painting was like all the others, experimental. The roses will make a nice note card though--as will the birthday cake--as will the garden walk.