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Monday, September 30, 2013

Digital Art Has A Hold on Me For Now

Sunday Afternoon WatchingThe Game
Digital sketch, ArtRage for iPad

This digital drawing, of the other live model at our house, was done by importing a photograph into the drawing app and drawing over it. I thought that was possible and Jean Spitzer confirmed it. I missed getting a likeness, oddly enough, but did manage to get a reasonable drawing of a guy sitting in his tee shirt watching "the game." Finesse and accuracy guiding the tools with my index finger is something that might not happen. I'm still in love with line when shapes would work best. Following Seurat's lead is the apprapos approach with this paticular app. I am having a good time. I am drawing. That's the main thing.
I took a walk in the garden and cut a rose bud thinking I would get my pencils out. While listening to the game, I did. I shouldn't have. I didn't have the sit tight patience for honing appropriate points on the appropriate pencils to do the rose justice. I was too lazy to go to the studio and get my erasure templates.  I also didn't feel like photographing the drawing properly and having to transfer it to computer. That would have meant sitting on a chair for a longer period of time than I've built up.  

Tomorrow will be three weeks after surgery. My stamina and endurance for standing and sitting upright in hardback chairs still needs work and time.  This week and next there will be plenty of it. I've got three PT sessions scheduled and three sessions the week after. I intend to use up all my health insurance funds plus some out-of-pocket bucks to get where I want to go: good as the knee God gave me, God help me.  I did have a small knee success though that told me everything was going along fine. While Ellis napped, I snuck done to the basement bath by myself, showered and SHAVED MY LEGS. Doesn't sound like much of an accomplishment I know, but putting my full weight on the wounded leg to shave the elevated good leg was an excellent indicater I was making my way back to the easel in the other room. Balance doesn't seem to be a problem.   


  1. what a good report on your knee/leg! I'm excited for you. The healing continues!
    Love both efforts here...the digital and the pencil. I know what you mean, however, about not being completely happy while drawing (seated).
    Sometimes I draw on the couch...and I keep telling myself to get up and get this or that...but I don't haha! I'm glad you got your paint app and your pencils out! Both lively. High five!

    1. Supposedly healing takes six weeks. I'll see if that's true in three weeks... I sat to do the pencil, but my heart wasn't in the subject. Sitting at the easel always seemed too static. When I draw/paint I really like to move. Painting is not a stationary activity--either is charcoal or pastel. Till I stand again, high five back at ya from the couch.

  2. Love the ipad drawing, especially. Such expressiveness.

    And great to hear the progress on your knee. Very encouraging.

    1. Roses aren't really me. Scribbles and splashes are more my style. I would never had made it as a greeting card artist. Fabric design, maybe. Unfortunately, the clock is ticking. :-)). I am having fun with the art apps.

  3. Hi Linda,
    I can't believe it's been this long since your surgery already! And now, in the words of some famous television or film actor..."You go girl!"

    1. You and me both. I never thought when they said six weeks, they really meant recovery would really take that long. I figured I'd bounce back as I've done my whole life. After PT yesterday though, where they had me balancing on as foam pad no handed with one foot in front of the other toe to heel, for a minute each leg, I thought well maybe? I wobbled and jerked and quivered, but did it--only to have to ice the rest of the day and evening. I wore myself out going through all the stretches and balance postures plus riding the bike instead of saying that's enough. I have one of those stubborn personalities that insists upon a fine performance sometimes at the cost of comfort. This girl should have yelled, "Stop"!