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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

A Balanced Meal


Twenty minute warm up with Sargent, William Keats, Charcoal. 9 x 12
Nice play of contour drawing combined with laying down values.


Before I took this photo at the end of the day , my thumb just had to mess up a too harsh jaw line.
Tomorrow is another day. But his expression is being softened and his nose shortened.
The bitch about this painting is that it's coming from a reference photo where I used a
flash. I don't know what was I thinking.  This painting is still very wet--thus the sheen.


Chocolate cannoli needed highlights. These acrylics  are still wet, so the color is
still too vivid. Acrylics dry a shade or three  darker. Some rose color may have to be worked in?
It was a full day of painting.  In addition, I laid carpet. I can no longer stand on cement for six hours. I had 
a piece left over from when we carpeted the lower level great room. I dragged it out of storage and laid it
down. We should never have stored it standing up. There were all sort of bent corners and rippled sides to trip on. I sprayed the edges with water and  by lunch, the carpet was laying better.

You get older, your legs do not like standing for long hours on cement.
A piece of carpet makes my painting life more cushy. Take a good look.
How long do you think this carpet is going to be this clean?


  1. I too have a concrete floor in my studio (actually it was my garage) I found an anti-fatigue mat that works like a dream.Needless to say it's getting well decorated.

    1. Where did you find that? Online? I'll look. Maybe I could save that carpet from the destructive painter who lives in that space:-) I do like to paint on the floor when I'm using acrylics--on larger pieces than the pastries. I splash a lot--and spray a lot. Great fun. Great release.

  2. Replies
    1. Well you're going to do something, or you're going to just fiddle with it. I decided I wanted to do something. Now, I'l like to decide to lose weight--but how many decisions can one make in a day. I was looking at your scroll of artwork the other day Dan. You're really quite something with those watercolors.

  3. Love your Sargent drawing and your son is coming along great. It is always fun for me to see where people work. I work on a concrete floor too (basement...It's my "bunker"). I also have a carpet...I can't imagine standing on the concrete for any length of time. Your dessert painting makes me want.....dessert!

    1. He's coming along. It's the flash that's washing him out and causing me difficulties. I don't know what I was thinking when I took that photo--certainly not about painting. But that was five years ago when I was still a designer. I think the carpet will help a lot along with my gym shoes with the orthopedic insert (arch). After that, I do have knee braces, but I think they cut off circulation? -- Monet had horrible arthritis in his hands. He tied his brushes to his wrists so he could paint in spite of his infirmity.

  4. Replies
    1. Thanks Judy. It did come up from the studio too full to eat dinner. I took a nap instead:-)

  5. Certainly a catalogue of production, Linda. I just love your charcoal work, but then I am a mono-manic as you know. We are of the same age and knee conditions so I know what you mean. I have a high stool but can't draw for long without standing. Love the way the portraits are progressin (it's like watching a family serial :0) )

    Everything is coming up roses in your studio... meanwhile in mine, with 'Bellona' finished, I am battling with my next project, 'Old Iron Sides' and have had three attempts at it so far ...without much luck!

    1. Each project is a battle John. The joy is in the stretch. I know you know how to stretch with the best of them.

      It was just a day in the studio working on skin tones and shapes. I have tried painting sitting down, but my arm and shoulder object very quickly. Plus sitting down, you get too up close and a lot of painting is backing up, coming forward, backing up again and so forth--the painter's dance.

      You ought to come here. There's a great cathedral down the road. Every time I pass it, I think of you. It maybe an easier project the ones you bite off?


  6. italiano



    I start my day looking at what you did yesterday,Linda!
    Great things, an extensive menu ... there's plenty!
    Three different artistic mediums to three works to be admired.
    It is not pleasant to stand for hours, but it is so nice to watch the result of this determination!
    I also I have trouble with my back, but the passion of painting goes beyond ...
    I'm so happy to read and see you grow your
    work & your ART every day, live!
    (I'm waiting for your next pastels flowers workshop ...I wonder how "strong " you will be able to interpret them! I love Odilon Redon pastel flowers and I think on them...)

    1. I'm starting my day replying to comments I'm so grateful to have received. I did have a full plate yesterday. Not so today. Painting in the AM, but lunching with friends in the PM.

      I'm looking forward to that too--not the flowers so much as the flowers as a means for studying values--there's a lot of them the petals and the leaves. I'm also interested in pastels as (excuse me pastel painters), an easier way, a more direct way, to lay down values than opening up a lot of paint jars or squeezing out a palette full of colorful worms. I'll take a look at Redon work. Thank you.

  7. I like the expresion of your portraits. Great.

    1. Thank you Sergio. I'm not so sure I do on this one. it's the flash that's killing me, but I don't know if I know enough to fix it and give his face more depth? So I'll carry on--maybe even play it up? That would be a different sort of portrait--that only a mom could love.

      Thanks for visiting. I stopped by your site and watched the young men play soccer, a lovely sight of youth being youthful, full of grace. Your poppy painting is energetic and full of grace too.

  8. Wonders appeared on my screen and some more are awaited to take their turn!!! WOW you are on fire, Linda!! Nothing to do with me having confidence on you, it's ALL you!
    I love what you are doing with the paintings and absolutely adore your charcoal drawings!!

    1. I decided to BE a painter of portraits three weeks ago. That means showing up regularly and doing some work. I have a lot of catching up to do and who knows how much time. None of us do. So I'm in a hurry.

  9. I just can't keep up with you! Love the charcoal, so expressive, and the portrait is coming along nicely. I also admire your you have a grand camera?

    1. No rather inexpensive-- a Nikon coolpix L120--a couple hundred--it runs on 4 AA batteries. So there's no recharging all the time and no chance that the main battery will go dead, which I do believe my Minolta Dimage is in that state.

      The bitch about the reference photo I'm using is I took it five years ago when I wasn't paying much attention to how things came out in digital cameras--especially when my three guys were under the same roof and sitting on the same couch. I just jumped at the chance to record such an exciting event. And that's the only photo I have of them, so I'm stuck. I did think of another photo I have of Michael taken with the same camera a couple of years before; his mouth is not screwed up and yet his head is tilted the same way. I might have to dig that out and hope there's a better lighting situation with stronger contrasts. That left side should be in shadow. I know it. --See, ask me a simple question about camera, and I just run off with everything I'm thinking about them at this moment. What a mouthy yutz I am:-) Meanwhile, I'm liking the images that Susan Smolensky is getting. She did not mention what it was. But do take a look at her last post. I have a feeling it's pricey.