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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Too Pooped to Paint, But The House is Ready!


My cluttered computer/watercolor/graphite drawing station?

It  looks like nobody is home who does anything interesting.

My sink is still my sink. I should be shot, but I ran out of steam around
the third load of towels and five trips up and down stairs.

Rain, hosed off and scraped down. 
My kids won't be here till around three or three thirty EST tomorrow, so there's time for for me to hit the sink--and grab some drawing equipment to keep I have no idea where. I'll figure it out. But we're all out of time  for whipping the house into people friendly.

Yesterday I had a horrible time in the studio and wasn't smart enough to leave. After attempting further development, I ended up taking Rain out and hosing it down, then scraping it. It is now turned to the wall for a time out, a long one.  

Over the years, I have noticed I cannot do my creative best in more than one discipline at a time.  On my own, I am focused 100% on what I am involved in. If I'm cooking, I'm totally involved in devising  interesting menus, gourmet recipes and  gracious table settings and all that make dining pleasant.  I'f I'm designing, forget about painting. My head is wrapped up in the project--making the client happy, getting the most for their dollar out of the space. It's that total concentration while the design/build business was booming that kept me away from painting all those years.

I have not changed. I am my mother's daughter. I'm sorry I'm my mother's daughter. And then I'm not.  I used to think she was going to drive the family mad if she didn't cut out that perfectionist crap. As a teenager, I declared  I would never be like her. And  here am I exactly like her--but not as whiny. I like order in life as in a painting composition.  I think she will be my next portrait. --Not this picture. When she
was younger.

--Rain doesn't really look that gloomy. I just didn't have the strength to take it into the light.  But all that gray doesn't bother me.....


  1. I want to guess that that photo was taken in 1976? I say that because I recognize the hairdo. Pretty! Well, yes, perfectionism is a problem, but look how clean your counter is now. Actually, I often do this (take before and after photos) is motivating. I know that you will get the painting back, you always do.

    1. By my calculations, 1979. That was about 33 years ag at my middle son's confirmation.
      My counter is too clean. Noting much going on when things are too clean. Thanks for the vote of confidence.

  2. It is a work in progress, which is fine, it's part of the torment and the joy. What makes it absorbing.

    Your workspace does look pristine.

    Maybe the trunk of your car--for the sketching materials?

    Have fun.

    1. I'm sure we will once they get here and everybody is settled in. After drawing/painting everyday, not doing so is going to be like something big is missing. I do have all my cameras within reach, however, so this vacation at home with family will be a reference photo expedition. I also made a charcoal/graphite drawer in the living room in case we're just sitting around. I can definitely talk and draw--love to actually. All the talking stops thinking too much about what I'm drawing and the results are great.

      Doesn't it look devoid of life? It won't be for long. I expect my son to select that floor as theirs. It's like a private apartment even though it just has a pull out bed. It does have the best bathroom in the house and television. Ellis and I designed and finished out the space. It's my floor; my studio is there. I am going to miss having easy access to it.

    2. Great idea, about the drawer. Maybe some of your family will sketch too.

    3. Just learned today that my grandson can draw.

  3. It's so oddly funny how we all turn out like out parents. I won't say which attributes I seem to have inherited. :) Your place looks amazing, so beautiful and organized. Great job! And the painting ... another day. Love you post today, Linda.
    PS - I could see why you did some modeling.

    1. They couldn't be that unmentionable Kathryn. You're a conscientious worker, horsewoman and artist--that's what you've shown the world through your blog.
      I should hope the house looks neat--maybe too neat? I used to feel uncomfortable in client's homes that had no evidence of any intelligence or creativity going on--kitchen counters as bare as my watercolor/computer station, no book shelves anywhere, no signs of any crafts, hardly a painting on the wall. What did these people do!
      As for the painting: it has a substantial base with all that build up and scrape down. Hopefully, intuitively that's the road to success with this one.

      Thanks, you're very kind.

  4. You look like a film star, Linda. Your place looks like a million dollars ... what's the problem? The painting remains a challenge for tomorrow

    1. You bet John. I'm on the fringe of scratching it out. A couple of weeks might change my opinion OR strengthen it.

      Thanks. Looks are great for a bit, then talent is where it counts.