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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Erin, Erin,

Erin at first glance.

Erin at second glance
Two Erins, neither are  mine. It's the slight tilt of the head and her full, open mouth smile that's throwing me.  The third drawing I did didn't get any better. I finally slipped the photo into a plastic sleeve and penned a grid on it.  Tomorrow is another day.

This second head is older than the first--closer to an eleven year old, maybe a little older than an eleven year old?  Anyway, this one is a tough one. OR I'm totally exhausted from living the wild  family life of boating, zooing,  fishing, picnicing and where are your shoes? Fortunately, today is an off day. All the kids went to the NASCAR races in Brookline, MI.  They won't  be home till after we've turned in.

Kelly threw together a tasty, chip heavy picnic to take to our lake.
I provided the table cloth and the wine glasses.  She did everything else.
She can't draw. She can run a tip-top kitchen.
Ellis and I took advantage of our empty nest and went to lunch where I met a very talented young artist name Laura at the bar. She showed me hers and I showed her mine. (Don't you just love those iPhones? Portfolio in your pocket). Talent for talent we were evenly matched, which excited us both. We could be honestly interested in each other's work. She was more graphic illustrator, I was more painterly. Both of us could draw. She and her boyfriend, I forgot his name, were taking her mom to lunch. The mom, Maureen, had just lost her husband and Laura was staying close--had actually moved in. The mom and I shared a few of the disadvantages of that when the kids went out for a smoke.

Talking to people at the bar is great fun. I love hearing their stories and telling mine. It's like being at a  party. Everybody is just stopping by, grabbing a bite, doing a little chit-chat then moving on. No strings.

Have a happy Fathers' day all you fathers out there. We're kidsitting. To occupy the young, we're taking them swimming at a friend's. To prepare for our outing, we stopped by Bed Bath and Beyond for new beach towels. Seems like the wind didn't just sweep me away the other day, but a couple of towels as well.

You see those reeds way down there? That's where I was headed the other day.
I just swam at the picnic while the others fished. They caught a lot of bluegills
and threw them back. No one took out the raft. 


  1. Hi Linda. I like Erin first glance, very happy young look. As for you, you must be exhausted. What a whirl of activity. Love your story about the fellow artist and "you show me yours, and I'll show you mine" - sounds like a good time. And last but not least, stay away form water with currents!!!

  2. I'm really enjoying seeing these portraits. They are revealing a great underlying skill. Thanks for the treat. Erin First Glance is so well done, I agree, as is the boy head in the previous post. Anyway, what a schedule (enjoy all the wonderful family time)! I'm so glad you decided to not to get all wrapped up in that raft again. Best.

    1. Bill you are so kind. Both Erins suck. JD was okay--looks a bit like I picture Puck in A Midsummer Night's Dream. This Jimmy Leslie from Windsor Newton did say don't ever worry about the likeness, just the shape of the head. From that viewpoint, number one is better than number two.

      Ellis and I are having fun EXCEPT I have made a mistake and tried to keep up physically with two forty year olds and a couple of tween agers. My knee is being tested and the spur on my right foot is acting up. I am definitely feeling my age and hating that, but loving all the action. It's the boat that's going to get wrapped up, put back in the box and returned. We tried it sir. It wasn't quite what we were looking for. We'd like a refund." Meanwhile, I'm glad I didn't buy a kayak. I'd still be in the reeds. I can't even get out of those.

  3. I am amazed you even get the time to do some sketching with all this activity ! I like Erin first glance and your easy way of writing, very much like just chatting together :-)

    1. Jane, I shouldn't have pushed the drawing. I was trying to have a normal time at an abnormal time. Thank you for your writing compliment. I consider blogging a lot like having pen pals and letter writing. My sons and friends say I'm boring when I talk about art. Out here in art blog territory, my arttalk is shared and understood. I do think I'll keep whipping Erin till I've got her into shape AFTER THINGS GET BACK TO NORMAL.

    2. Thanks for the writing compliment. I consider blogging like having a lot of pen pals interested in the same things. Most of them have families too who both support us in our obsession and get in the way of it. Obviously, one of my worlds is having a negative effect on my other world. But we're having a good time overall and I know we're not going to be happy when they leave.

  4. I like Erin at first glance best- maybe because of the deep value changes and her lively eyes.