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Friday, April 27, 2012

Waiting With a Friend


The Lady With My Lexus; iPad Finger Drawing; Brushes app

She was waiting. I was waiting. She was reading. I was drawing. Both of us were drinking coffee in the surgical waiting room.

Both of us drove the same color, same model Lexus. I got the info from fill-the-time-chatter.  Our two cars were parked next to each other in the lot. Both of us would be driving our spouses home from their eye surgeries and would be administering eye drops every two hours the rest of the day. We would meet again  for their post op check ups the next morning. We were sharing a moment that she will  probably forget. My finger painting and our chatter will be in my memory forever. The time really flew.


Matisse Out of The Blue; iPad Finger Drawing; Brushes app

There was no energy left to finish  the watercolor I did manage to start between eye drop sessions (below), but plenty of time to regain my inner peace settled in the lounge chair with the iPad. Honey and I were exhausted from up at six AM, drive across town to hospital to do something we'd rather not. With our apprehensions and fears behind us, however, Matisse showed up out of the blue as Honey dozed on the couch.

AND WHAT DO YOU THINK THIS IS GOING  TO BE?  There's one in every home and they all look something like this, but not as pretty.

The unfinished watercolor on my plexi pizza board.


  1. Oh Linda, what a strain for you both; I know the feeling only too well. Just relax for a while ... recharge your batteries.

    Loved the Lexus commentary - strange how we make these soon forgotten acquaintances. That's life. Hope you all feel refreshed by tomorrow.

    1. All is well John. Thank you for your kind words. Tranquility was restored at our favorite dining spot this afternoon. While the eye drops will go on till the middle of May, we've done it. Funny thing: Honey doesn't think his new eyes are any better than his old ones. He shouldn't have told me that LOL.

      I like meeting new people. All of us on the planet want the same comforts for ourselves. All of us have a variety of different stories that boil down to the fact that most of us are still striving for something. And what we all have in common is: all of us are faced with the unknown that could bite us in the ass at any time!

    2. Tell him, my sister-in-law said the same thing, but after a while she felt a big improvement.

      I intend to bite the unknown's ass. As I see it, if there is a God ... then I'll/he'll count my blessings ... if there's not, then I won't know about it (I managed OK before I was born)

  2. You did some really great art work here, just love the lady and 'Matisse' . You certainly don't waist your time :-)) Best wishes for 'honey' and you !

    1. What was a tense time was turned into a good time Jane. All the people sitting in a medical waiting room are tense. One comment made by anyone can trigger a connection that will relax the whole group. I've learned that in the last five years. the knowledge has paid off. As for the iPad drawing apps...I can use them for hours. I got totally swept up in the nature of lines offered, my selection of colors, composition, all of the things we concern ourselves with when we're being serious about our art. And I love chatting while I'm doing it, for the chatter stops me from thinking too hard and improves the outcome--sort of like dancing as I paint.

  3. Hello Linda!
    So nice to read your blog and check out your wonderful art work. Making art is a great pastime. I also love to sketch people I meet and even people I don't get to meet. Taking the commuter train into Boston used to give me great opportunities to draw some of the most interesting characters. Especially as they slept!
    I love your unfinished watercolor. I vote don't finish it. Leave it as is for all to wonder. I think it is beautiful and works well as is.
    Thanks for visiting my blog and writing such positive comments.
    Keep painting.

    1. The advantage of sketching people with this iPad is that you won't make your subjects self conscious. They haven't a clue you're drawing them. They think you're texting or emailing or shopping or gaming. Most folks don't know sketch pad apps exist. Thank you Michael,but I think the wc needs just ages more strokes of the brush.

  4. Nice ipad sketches and I can not guess what the watercolor is at all..can't wait to find out. In waiting rooms I always have my sketch book (an old fashioned one with a remember those, right??) You are right, the time goes by really fast! I bet honey's eyes will improve in time and he'll be very glad that he had the procedures. You thoroughly outclass me, I drive a very old Camry with a huge dent on the passenger side. It's amazingly reliable.

    1. I don't out class you. Cars are important, but no longer status items. I buy functional features. I bought the Lexus for the size of its windows. I had had a few mishaps with my GM sedan--knocked my side mirror off, scraped the side of a truck backing up. Both accidents were due to poor visibility. I blamed them on the car having bigger blind spots on the right and left of the rear view windows. (I can hear the guys laughing now). So I took my measuring tape with me the next time we went car shopping and the car with the most glazed areas (builder's talk for window) won. The Lexus also had deeper drink cups. (They're laughing louder now). When I take turns, my water bottle doesn't fall down to get in the way of the foot that's operating the gas and brakes. Also to change the time on the clock, I don't need a ballpoint pen to stick in a little hole to set the hours and minutes. Sound defensive don't I. I am. I felt terrible buying foreign after a lifetime of GM vehicles. When I bought this car, I tried to go back American, but the cars didn't fit my budget. The American car companies were trying to make up for lost revenues whereas Lexus had stayed the same due to some problems that company had. I really do like the size of my windows. That car offers the broadest view and it's speedy too.

      I do recall sketch pads and pens. I have a few myself. But what I said about making subjects uneasy was true--and if you tried to put them at ease--that made them all the more self conscious. No one suspected my iPad.

    2. I'll tell you something about motor cars! There was an American engineer/scientist named Taylor who, in the 1920/30s invented manufacturing and quality systems that revolutionised the world including the American line production of cars introduced by Ford.

      Along came World War 2, and all the lessons Taylor had taught us got forgotten. After the war, the Japanese picked up the Taylor doctrine and used it to become the world leaders in the automotive industry. By cutting out waste and
      focusing on quality they put most of Europe out of work.

      The only things we seem to have kept from Taylor is some of his terminology (neo-Taylorism's) which sound great but mean nothing unless you use what's behind the words: "Centres of Excellence", "World Class", "Line Management", "Just-in-Time", "Mission Statement".

      Buying a car for the reasons you give, are totally good and logical specifications ... not simply because they look good or are a nice colour. :0)

      The water colour is a armchair or sofa.

  5. I keep coming back to the watercolor. Still can't figure out what it is.

  6. admire your ipad sketches here linda ... hope your husbands op was a success.