Saturday, April 7, 2012

One Photograph Suggests Big Possibilities

The reflection of our hotel, on the adjacent building  as seen through the window while at breakfast, fascinated me. There was a painting there.  This one photograph  held artistic potential that appealed to me as I transferred all the photos I took while away to computer. It was the first photograph I zeroed in on and played around with this morning.

There's a big painting in that photograph that one of the paintings I saw at the GRAM, (Grand Rapids Art Museum) may have touched off--OR my love for the grid system and repetition may have touched off--or all of the above? Artists converse with one another through their art. It's how we improve. It's how we move forward. I'm sorry; I didn't take notes. I have no idea who did this painting. I only know it spoke to me on my way to see Rauschenberg. The who wasn't important. The what was. I never remember names. I remember images.

Life is mostly repetitious--same old, same old, day after day. I noticed that years ago when I did My Left Hand: Same form repeated over and over again--then something different--different papers, different outcome--different colors, none exactly the same. The gift of day after day gifts us with the new and improved.  Repetition is not monotonous. It's a pathway to a new reality.
As much as I love repetition, I also love dimension. the reflection of one building/one form  on another/another form reflected depths inter-playing with one another.  This  doctored reference photo would be  real interesting in paint. Not precisely drafted, but dirty.  And definitely NOT on a small canvas!


  1. It is wonderful to see an artist inspired!

  2. Nice images...I can see why the reflective one stirred pretty! I'll be watching for what you paint next :)

  3. The picture is stunning...looking forward to seeing the painted version :-))

  4. Dear Linda, thanks for your kind comment on my last post. I wish a Happy Easter to you and your family! Ciao!

  5. Happy Easter Dan, Celeste, Jane and Tito! I'm in a hurry this morning and it's getting late. I just saw a rabbit head into the woods where the wild daffodils bloom. As soon as I drink this coffee, I'm off to shoot some pics and pick a few for an alla prima painting being careful to avoid falling down any holes on the way. May you too find joy today--if they are not visiting you for an egg hunt.